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Current Scientific Projects

ETN VOYaGE: Variability of OxYGEn in marine ecosystems and climate change: VOYaGE
PI.: V. Garçon (LEGOS).
To be resubmitted to MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE Innovative Training Networks (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2017) call early 2017.

The VOYaGE ETN aims to train young investigators to make significant advances in the field of regional climate-related marine ecosystems prediction, an emerging discipline spurred by societal demand for mitigation and adaptation strategies. Unequivocal indirect effects of climate change on the ocean due to increased stratification on ocean circulation include deoxygenation. VOYaGE focuses on oxygen sensitive marine ecosystems over margins adjacent to populous regions, i.e. the Black Sea, Benguela and Humboldt upwelling systems. It adopts an integrative modeling approach considering the breadth of interactive processes between land, atmosphere, ocean, sediments, marine resources and society to address these main questions: What are the key processes driving the marine ecosystem state and variability in these regions? How will they be modified in future reduced oxygen conditions? How will deoxygenation affect these marine ecosystems and alter sources of proteins (fisheries) they provide to society? Given the transnational and global nature of deoxygenation, its scale and complexity, activities are carried out at the EU level and beyond. The ETN thus gathers 7 academic research teams and 2 non-academic beneficiaries together with 9 partner organizations from across EU, EU associated and third countries. It commits to offer training for 14 ESRs hired for 36 months. VOYaGE delivers research products and transferable skills thereby increasing employability of the researchers in and out of academia to meet the EU principles for Innovative Doctoral Trainings. It provisions a highly skilled workforce required by EU Growth in Blue Economy and Copernicus, that will improve knowledge on the future state of the oceans and environmental risks to marine habitats and ecosystems. VOYaGE will provide to a generation of young scientists the crucible for designing innovative approaches for achieving the societal transition towards the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the UN.