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Introduction to regional ocean modelisation

Day 1 - 9h30-12h30 - 14h-16h30:

  • Class "Introduction to regional ocean modeling" , followed by a round-table discussion during which attendees will present their scientific objectives and their expectations for this class
  • Hands on session :
    • Presentation of ROMS and ROMS_tools environment and Quick linux/NetCDF recaps
    • First preprocessing steps: design of the model grid and work on the vertical sigma parameters

Day 2 - 9h30-12h30 - 14h-16h30:

  • Class "Numerical aspects I"
    • Finite differences : Spatial and temporal Discretisation
    • Finite differences (Hands on session) : Solving a simple case, the 1-D Diffusion equation (, tp1D.m, Soluce_tp1D.m, tp2D.m, Soluce_tp1D.m)
    • Description of Surface Forcings and Open Lateral Boundary conditions
  • Hands on session :
    • Creation of all ROMS Forcing inputs (climatological forcing)
    • Launch of the model (climatological configuration)

Day 3 - 9h30-12h30 - 14h-16h30:

  • Class "Numerical aspects II"
    • Consistency and stability of a numerical scheme - Introduction to CFL condition
    • Quick overview of Sigma coordinates and truncation error
  • Hands on session
    • Model outputs analysis
    • Introduction to the online nesting :
      • Creation of all ROMS Forcings inputs (climatological forcing) for a zoom
      • Launch of the model (climatological configuration) with a zoom

Day 4 - 9h30-12h30 - 14h-16h30:

  • Role game in order to give a complete understanding of the model input files, with an emphasis on how the model handle the time
  • Class "Running an inter-annual simulation"
  • Hands on session :
    • Preparation of an inter-annual simulation input files
    • Launch of the inter-annual simulation
  • Notion of model validations. Example : Taylor diagram presentation

Day 5 - 9h30-12h30:

  • Hands on session :
    • Analysis of the inter-annual outputs
    • Introduction to off-line float propagation presentation