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Introduction to ocean-atmosphere coupling:
the ROMS/WRF/OCASIS3-MCT coupled system

This is a 2.5 day workshop on ocean-atmosphere interactions using ROMS-WRF coupled models. We start by running a short inter-annual simulation using the regional ocean model ROMS in a forced context. Similarly, we continue the training by running a forced WRF simulation over the same region.

The second day, we perform our first coupled simulation, sending fields from ROMS to a simple TOY model. We focus on the 2D regridding/remapping procedure, using various spatial interpolation techniques provided by OASIS3-MCT. Then, we couple WRF to a TOY model, playing on the possible time transformations (such as time-average or time-accumulation) of the exhanged fields.

The last day is dedicated to the design of fully coupled ROMS-WRF simulations, first using a sequential coupling strategy and then with a parallel coupling sequence.