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I am an IRD researcher at the Laboratoire d'Etudes en Géophysique et Océanographie Spatiale (LEGOS UMR - IRD, CNRS, CNES & Université Paul Sabatier) in Toulouse (France). I am presently working in the Oceanographic department at University of Cape Town (UCT).

My research focuses on the phenology of the Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems (EBUS) of the southern hemisphere, along the coasts of Peru and Chile in the Humboldt Current System, and along the coasts of Angola and Namibia in the northern Benguela Upwelling System. I am specialized on the connexion with the linear equatorial dynamics, and on the air-sea interactions at regional and basin scales.

I use a methodology inspired from my previous studies, based on an inter-comparative analysis of observations (in situ and satellite), and a combination of simple (linear) and complex (high resolution regional coupled models) models.

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